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“For we are striving with all our might in frail language to talk about that which is finally quite indescribable—indeed, ineffable! Nonetheless, we keep on trying to say a little better, or as well as we can, whatever we can about this incomparable reality that we meet in our own hearts, in the history of Jesus, in our own social experiences, and in universal history. If often seems as if it would be far more conscionable to give up speaking at all.”

For me, this quote from Thomas C. Oden sums up what it means to be a theologian and writer.

I love words, but I’m also aware of their limits. One of my greatest joys is attempting to take something that is complex about God and trying to make it approachable. I don’t always succeed, but I love the challenge.

But the writing is really the final stage.

You might ask, “What do you mean?”

Being a pastor and professor is where the Lord reveals what works and what doesn’t work. What sounds good, but what really is good. What makes sense on paper, but what actually transfers to real life.

You see, long before words begin to appear on paper, I’ve already seen them in the lives of believers and at work in the church.

Then it’s time to write and describe what I’ve seen as best as I can.

My next book releases in July 2025 (Moody Publishers). You can sign-up here (hyperlink) or find me on Instagram for updates.

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