Prayer, Middle Knowledge, and Divine-Human Interaction

Christians generally believe that in prayer they are free in their act to petition God.

Christians also believe that they pray to a God that is sovereign and omniscient.

Kyle DiRoberts maintains that explanation as to how one affirms these two truths is dependent upon one’s account of divine providence, which determines how motivated the person is to offer petitionary prayer in the divine-human relationship. The theories of providence and their understanding of petitionary prayer discussed in this book include: compatibilism, hard determinism, open theism, and middle knowledge.

Each of the theories of divine providence discussed in this book share a desire to construct a view concerning petitionary prayer that would propel the Christian toward God in relationship and then lead the body of Christ to pray without ceasing. DiRoberts argues that middle knowledge is the preferred theory of providence as it relates to petitionary prayer, because for middle knowledge, God’s sovereignty includes both his omniscience and libertarian human freedom.

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